• Drying and finishing of all textiles at low temperature
  • High productivity: 80 pieces an hour for Poly-cotton 65-35 nurses overall
  • Low installed power for energy savings
  • Closed circuit running during part of the cycle for calories recycling
  • Autonomous machine. No external steam generator. Fibers loosening by vaporization of moisture.
  • Microprocessor control
  • Door closing without locking, with security turning off heat and ventilation at opening.
  • Two mobile trollies.
  • Programmable cool down.
  • Thermal insulation helps energy saving.
  • Options Detailed information
    Movable control for versatile ergonomics
    Gas- or steam heated
Technical data
Electric kW: 18
Gas BTU/h (kW): 68290 (20)
Steam at 8-9 bar kW: 40
Total time full load 18 kW/gas/steam min: 6/6/6
Energy consumption full load 18 kW/gas/steam: 2.7/0.22/0.22
Steam connection DN: 20
Steam pressure kPa: 600-1000
Steam consumption kg/h: 5
Condensate DN: 15
Gas DN: 20
Gas pressure, natural gas Pa/mbar: 2000-2500/20-25
Gas pressure, propane gas Pa/mbar: 3700-5000/37-50
Air outlet mm: 160
Evacuated air el/steam/gas m³/h: 525/525/360
Pressure drop (el/steam/gas) Max. Pa: 200/200/60
Dimensions (widthxdepthxheight mm): 870x1300x1975

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Product data sheet

Product data sheet
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